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    Phuket beach house

    Phuket luxury beach house property investment opportunities with the Beach Club who can also be a great escape, a place to retire or simply an entertaining holiday home. Tourasian.com


Founded in 2011, Tourasian Real estate property brand is a unique with distinctive network of brokerage agencies offering a wide selection of luxury homes, estates and properties for sale. Tourasian real estate and property investment have established offices in Phuket and Pattaya with trained multi language staff. Thai, Chinese, French, English, Russian.

Phuket – Pattaya real estate property investment

TOURASIAN offering multi-services and unrevealed property selection based on reliability, quality and value for money to guarantee the best choice for your investment. With tourasian you will discover important factors that you may not have considered which are crucial for successful property investment.
Understanding borrowing capacity, leveraging capabilities, property selection, yields, growth factors are just some many variables that need your full attention to execute the right property investment.
Are you interested to invest in Phuket property to not be catch again by unstable, fund, bond or currency rate? Buying, new home and reselling at a much higher price or get benefit of guarantee rental?
Renting, is the true core of real estate investment generating a steady monthly paycheck, but not only as Property value appreciation is a safe and reliable bonus in Phuket.
Investing on rental home isn’t as easy as it look. Choosing the right property, at the right location is one of the important criteria. Think hard about whether you’re prepared to put in the time.
TOURASIAN clients learn about the best neighborhoods for both cash flow today and appreciation in the future. They receive information to understand what’s driving Phuket or Pattaya property investment growth in the area.
They get advice on the multitude of lucrative investment opportunities that Phuket and Pattaya city offer for international investor.
It’s all about networking with like-minded individuals, meeting local business-people and getting straight-up, knowledgeable answers to the important questions investors ask and also as probably haven’t thought to ask.

Real estate property selection

TOURSIAN real estate property investment goes through a stringent selection process to ensure that new development and property investment are of utmost quality and the perfect investment for you and your family.
Phuket –Pattaya real estate properties has given investors a great return on their property investments with some properties doubling in value every 5 years (historically) and providing guaranties incomes of 7-10% or between 10% - 15% interest rates return on investment.

Phuket – Pattaya real estate property investment Phuket – Pattaya real estate property investment Phuket – Pattaya real estate property investment

TOURASIAN property& investment services

TOURASIAN property& investment services
  • Development meeting criteria for foreign investors
  • Reputable developerwith proven track record
  • Property sits in zone with high growth potential
  • Exclusive property package
  • Exclusive incentives
  • Property management 7%10% guaranty
  • Property Off plan - 30%
  • legacy, heritage (kids/family/friends)
  • Transfer your property title to your kids
  • Education-international school
  • Personalized. Real estate Property tour
  • Multi-language staff- Thai-English- Chinese-Russian- French
  • Thai bank account
  • Financial services
  • Foreigner financing
  • Mortgage
  • Immigration services
  • Notarial services
  • Translator services
  • Lawyer services
  • Promotes Thai culture

Your preparation

To get the most out of your appointment, preparation is essentialto know how we can help you.
Fill up your Property Investment form to get advice on real estate investment, PropertyPlan consultation, financial loan, Property tour.

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TOURASIAN property& investment services
TOURASIAN property& investment services

Off plan Real estate Property investment

On Plan vs Off Plan?
Buying property off plan can be an attractive investment way of purchasing property.
One of the main benefits is that you are buying off plan property at the current price with difference compared buying a finished property of at least 30-35%.
Why? The developers need to secure some early sales quickly and having staged payments according to construction progress who also enables investors to get their investment property with low initial capital.
Investors purchase off plan take advantage of the staged payment and sell the property before it is completed or sold out. They take the profit from the natural increase in the property value. Tourasian property investment tour selected the right property in the right location for you Another advantage is the possibility to negotiate extra deal like the interior design, type of floor, kitchens and bathrooms, furniture packages etc.
Another option available for foreigner to build portfolio property faster is the use of mortgage available up to 50% of the property investment price.
Buying off plan is proven substantial revenue, with clear benefits when you know local market.
The Condominium Act was amended and strengthened to eliminate risk of investor buying off plan.  Developers can be taken to court if they are not delivering what they promised in their contract.
Many reliable developer provides a bank guarantee today who make buying off plan safer than ever. Tourasian work closely for years with proven reliable developers.
If you are buying off plan, in the right location with intentions of re-selling the property it’s unlikely that prices will drop in the foreseeable future .Phuket and Pattaya average off plan return are between 30-35%.
If you are thinking to buy off plan, take our Property Investment Tour to understand and know how it works.

Luxury Real Estate

Tourasian real estate & property investment network provides access to luxury real estate and homes for sale in Phuket and Pattaya. Our website includes a large inventory of luxury homes that match your lifestyle choices such as waterfront, golf, island, vacation, mountain, marina, international school, international hospital, and many others.

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