Phuket Holiday rental

Phuket holiday rental is the solution if the swimming pool at your hotel if its too crowded. Its unfortunately the case specialy  in the high season.

Holiday rental villas  are the perfect choice for travellers with  families or/and friends who want to spend a holiday in Phuket like they are in a home away from home. There is no comparison to the feeling in totalrivacy you get from having a pool villa to yourself, with so many added bonus l. For many reasons, it is the best accommodation on the top  of the list for many of us.. Greater freedom suited to families, groups of friends and couples.

Tourasian offer you a extensive list where you will find the best of the best of Phuket pool villas suitable for your budget and any way often less expensive than hotel who can offer such standard and services.

When planning a holiday, after chosen your destination, the next decision the is accommodation. Hotels,are or was the first idea the idea who suppose tol be the best value for money and provide more facilities. However, in recent times renting villas has become popular and give now an other option. if you have a family of five, two parents and three children you will have  to book at least two rooms and possibly a parent would have to stay in each room, if the children are small. This is not the most ideal situation. no i do not imagime if you are also traveling with friends and your parents at the same time...but let just imagine you are...In this case  booking a villa, for  lower price as it is for your family, friends family and grand parents one villa and not a number hotel rooms. They now all have their own bedrooms,   all being together, as well as indoor and outdoor space where they can spend time together. A private swimming pool, garden are a lot safer for children and makes parental supervision easier. I do not want even say what you will have more, cleaner,, it's not what you thing, we have many villa with staff included on the price.

Renting a villa is not only a cheaper great idea for families, it works well for couples who like privacy, perfect for honeymooners, a group holiday, wedeing event, company seminare.... Villas in Phuket are available with two bedrooms up to 10 and more.  What could be better than sharing the cost of a fabulous six bedroom villa and experiencing the ultimate tropical lifestyle? What other options can offer this luxury at the same price? A fully equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas and lounges, balconies and terraces, swiming pool, bbq, staff, cook, grocery delivery....  Villas in Phuket often have the most stunning locations,  privacy and security  provide guests with more freedom. Holiday rental means there are no other guests in your personal space, gardens and pools only for your use. Some villa developments are designed like resorts with tropical gardens, communal pools and facilities such as spas, restaurants and full management service. Those who rent a villa can choose to be near the busy tourist areas,  above in a prime hillside location, afront of the beach,or in quiet areas out of the way.  T ourasian have location suitable for everyone, near all of the major beaches on on the beach,  along the picturesque east coast.

Renting a holiday villa provides the option of self-catering, reducing the cost of dining on fixed restaurant hours. Some villas provide an in-house chef, who will cook and maid whatever you desire. The majority of villas have security measures, such as guarded entrance gates, CCTV, alarm systems etc  Extra services such as babysitting and airport transfer are often available, as massage and spa treatments in the villa. A villa owner or management will often offer more personalised services and make your stay inforgetable. A car and driver or vehicle rental, any daily tour, show can be offered. Holiday rentals have no hidden charges, no 18% tax or service charges and are flexible with check in/out times.

When looking for a villa to rent in Phuket, using an agent such as Tourasian who have extensive choice of properties  and will provides you peace of mind  guaranteed booking. You can choose which features are most important to you, such as number of bedrooms, sea views, proximity to beach or accessibility. ....There are also some discount offers or special offer availablefor our menber. The menbership  price are when possible offering more advantages. . Tourasain deal with the villa owner, making booking   more convenient without time difference or language constraints.




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