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Why Tourasain real estate rather than another agency or directly to a developer?

Here’s why:

Tourasian is the only one agency who offer multi selected services connected and complementary to each other to give unrivaled supports and services to customers. Tourasian have established offices in Thailand and in China. We are not virtual and you are welcome to visit us in China or Thailand. Our team will answer your questions and provide you assistance. You can also contact us 24/7, via email, phone, Skype, QQ, Wechat... for your maximum convenience. Why Tourasian is different? We have decided to offer you a large selection of new development who have been selected, visited and accepted by our team. We have negotiate and agreement contract with each individual developer for each project to offer you reliabilities and the developer prices. This is why you will not find anywhere lower prices but it's not all. Tourasian add some of our multi services for free, or on promotion/discount on top of the lower prices. no, it's not all.... We are free of charges for you. In some other countries, real estate buyers need to pay a commission to the agency. TOURASIAN multi services are completely free of charge to buyers like yourself. We are pay by contract by developers, it's why we are always able to obtain the best possible prices as if you buy directly from a developer. Tourasian is an independent agency selling on behalf off different developers across the country . We always give you complete information,advantages and disadvantages, the good and bad to ensure you have all information to allow you to make the right decision. Tourasian is with you throughout the buying process to help you to understand all of the details of the purchase contract, assist you in opening a bank account, assist you in receiving ownership documents,assisting you to find lawyer ,assisting you in land office registration, translation, transport, accommodation.... If you cannot come to Thailand, ,we will check your property to ensure that there are no defects , we can find and arrange tenants for your rental properties, paying funds into your bank account. No developer is able to offer such a complete service to their clients. We help you through the process from start to finish and after without any additional cost.. You are free to buy property on your own but we strongly advice to get help from professional as there is too many pit fall you need to know.

  Purchase or rent  villa in Thailand?

More and more of foreigners consider Thailand as their second home and wish to own a house in in the smile land. it is important to consider below advices when are  purchasing a house:
No matter what you are looking  from a property purchase – a holiday home, a permanent residence or a high plus value, or high rental investment, Phuket is truly a tropical paradise and property purchaser’s .

TOURASIAN will help you to buy  the right propertie in Thailand with the support of our team who guide you through the process. Property in Thailand is complex and unregulated. We are are local agency with local knowledge conneted to you.

  Finding a House
Always make use of  reputable estate agents when taking advice on real estate in Thailand.
Search and read through Real Estate pitfalls in Thailand.  Ask the right questions to expect get the right answer. You will also need lawyer to proceed with paper work through different government agency.
Many problems do arise when you buying a house in Thailand, but can be avoided if you have the information and the righ advices from your real estate agency and Lawyer.

 Tourasian have a wide variety of new "investment" properties ready for your inspection. Phuket is one of the most beautiful island of the word with the activity who bring visitors back. The high requirement for places to stay give investors a great return on their investments. With home properties get twice value in 5 years (historically) and providing guaranties incomes of 7-10% NET. We have choose to present new development selected and visited for you. We have agreement signed for each properties between Tourasian and each developer to offer you the developer prices. This is ensure you that you cannot find lower prices for properties presented by TOURASIAN. Our services is free of charges for you.

Our team in Guangzhou and Phuket will support all administrative and translation procedures if required but not only. As Tourasian member you have access to all our services at discount prices to ensure you have made the right investment but also have spent unforgettable stay in the pearl of Thailand. Contact us at

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