Thailand property tour

Thailand property tour


Yes, you can get Investment visa if you invest  10 million baht.

Investment visa ThailandThe government has revived the investment visa, which was introduced after the Asian Crisis of 1997.

As many countries around the world, Thailand attract retired and semi-retired foreigners who can appreciate quality of tropical life who give the economy a boost.

Thailand made that  move for high-quality residents by introducing an attractive new visa  with a price tag of 10 million baht.

The investment visa give the right to live in Thailand to anyone bringing 10 million baht into the country and putting it into property, government bonds or an account in a Thai bank - or any combination of those three that hits eight digits in baht.The visa do not give you the right to work but an unlimited right to stay here and renew the visa every year.

The investment visa has no age restriction.

Retirement visa - which requires a monthly income of 65,000 baht or an 800,000-baht bank deposit - is only open to foreigners who are at least 50 years old.

 Where to put your 10 million baht?

As a real estate agent, easy to say  property is the best.  It is, anyway. The return is way above what bonds and bank deposits are offering and it save on rent. 10 million bath is not a tremendous sum for many expats but you can get a desirable property anywhere in Thailand's resort destinations.

Alternatively, 10 million baht could not get you a pacious villa at the seaside, with a swimming pool and 800 square metres of ground, but surley well located luxury 1/2 bed rooms condo.

Rental incomes of between 5% and 10% are quite feasible in Thailand - way above what most markets and bank offer.

If you opt to buy in a resort Like Phuket or Pattaya, and are looking for a return, you should consider the location which has to be as near the beach as possible. A beach-front studio is usually better income than  a one-bedroom condo kilometre away from the sea. Near a golf course is another major location.

In my view, Bangkok-based expats, definitively consider a weekend place in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui or Hua Hin who provide a comprehensive antidote to the city within a couple of hours' drive or fly, and  also offer opportunities for renting out accommodation on short-term basis, allowing to reach attractive yield in a short period of the year.

For the Island definetely Phuket and Samui have the most sphisticated markets and will allow you to own a piece of these paradise place.

Tourasian have hughe selection of development offering a guaranteed rental income. If you can wait, the great bargainsit's to buy off-plan but with the payment scheme you may not have the ability to get your investment visa unless you transfer 10 million in a thai bank...solution to avoid currency fluctuation..

The Thai market has been growing at an impressive 10-15% per annum on average, so you can be rassured investment in property still delivers great return and plus value however you choise long/short term investment or simply enjoy the paradise with peace of mind.

We offer you vast choice of development with fantastic  investment with rental garanty for years
Phuket is Thailand’s largest island of Thailand with approximately the size of Singapore situated off the west coast in the Andaman Sea and with 39 small islands around.

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