What is the Education Visa?

The education visa is the visa granted to foreign citizens who want to pursue studies in Thailand. This type of visa covers the cases of enrollment in a government educational institution or in a private educational institution (High School or University) and is also available to foreign citizen that whishes to conduct training or research into a university or research institute. Note: It is also possible to obtain an education visa after enrolling with a language school, a Muay Thai school or a diving school do not exceed one year

Enrollment into a private or government educational institution:

(1) Must have been granted a non-immigrant visa (NON-IM).

(2) Must have been confirmed and requested by that particular educational institution. (Except in the case of enrollment in an international school and higher education).

Enrolling into a language or muay Thai or diving school

Because of the successive visas restrictions implemented by Thai authorities  the education visa has become so  popular than some language school, muay Thai or diving schools advertise more on the “one year visa” than their own course.

The foreign citizens who purchase a course will received the supporting documents for one year visa. The “students” are then welcome to follow the program of the school.

It is a valid alternative in the case of a family to use the child registration into a local or international school to obtain a one year education visa for the child.

The child visa education allow the father and/or mother to apply for a visa O and then a one year extension to support the child in Thailand  which will then permit them to obtain a one year visa extension and avoid them to have to leave Thailand every 3 months.