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Activities - Education
1,900 ฿

Investment Tour

: Pattaya, Pattaya ID :: AEPH536 Contact
Investment tour start at your hotel where we will have small briefing before to start the journey to visit properties in Pattaya. Our driver will drive you to properties chosen by touristic road with beautiful panorama After lunch we will continue to visit other property area. Option to review properties and proceed to bo...

Activities - Education
1,990 ฿

Phuket Property Tour

: Phuket, Phuket ID :: AEPH523 Contact
Phuket property Tour offer a great opportunity for High Net worth Individuals, investors, and group to mingle with other Real Wealth Network investors while meeting the wholesalers, rehabbers, developers and property managers. You will learn about the best neighborhoods for both cash flow today and appreciation in the future....

Activities - Sports Leisure
4,500 ฿

Phuket Cruise to Koh Lanta

: Kho Lanta, Phuket ID :: ASPH379 Contact
Phuket Cruise to Koh Lanta the diving region located in the southern Andaman Sea between the Phi Phi Islands and Hin Daeng - Hin Muang. Koh Ha, which means '5 islands' in the Thai language, are tiny islets located 25 km west of Koh Lanta Island. The channels that separate the islands are over 50 metres deep and the water is ...

Activities - Sports Leisure
4,200 ฿

Phuket Kho Racha Snorkeling

: Racha Yai, Phuket ID :: ASPH378 Contact
Phuket Kho Racha Snorkeling to Visit beautiful and preserved marine live with clear crystal water and sandy beaches, paradise for swimming and snorkeling with fish and corals. Kho Racha Yai snorkeling day trip is one of our most popular tours, it’s suitable for beginner or not. Enjoy snorkeling, from the boat in the mornin...

Activities - Sports Leisure
3,500 ฿

Phuket Mai Ton Island

: Mai Thon, Phuket ID :: ASPH377 Contact
Phuket Mai Ton Island in southeast coast is highly prized for its still perfect natural environment, including fine white beaches and crystal waters; ideal for swimming, diving, or fishing. Those not wishing to stay overnight may take a daytime excursion This is a small island located near and visible from the southernmost ...

Activities - Sports Leisure
3,900 ฿

Snorkeling Surin island

: Surin, Phuket ID :: ASPH376 Contact
If you are searching for the best place to snorkel in Thailand, and not be inundated by hordes of tourists or overrun by the crowds of a big city, then Surin Islands is the place to be. Surin Islands, located off the coast of Thailand, offers pristine snorkeling adventures for the most experienced and the most novice of snorkele...

Activities - Sports Leisure
3,600 ฿

Phuket Tachai Snorkeling

: Tachai, Phuket ID :: ASPH375 Contact
Phuket Tachai Snorkeling, an island in the world famous Similan Islands. It is an idyllic location in the Andaman Sea with white sandy beaches and azure water. The island is located 40km due west from Koh Phra Thong snorkelers enjoy the calm shallow bay. The beaches at Koh Tachai are spectacular with the white sand and clear...

Activities - Sports Leisure
3,600 ฿

Similan Best Snorkeling

: Similan, Phuket ID :: ASPH374 Contact
Similan Best Snorkeling in beautiful corals, white sandy beaches , is definitely something do explore in Thailand. Clear waters, healthy coral and plentiful fish, the Similan Islands are perfect for the beginner and experienced snorkeler See the beautiful beaches and corals, find treasures right in front of you. The cor...

Activities - Education
170,000 ฿

Private Cruiser Phuket

: Marina, Phuket ID :: AEPH321 Contact
Private Cruiser Phuket Tour to enjoy all your whish. Phang Nga Bay, Hong Krabi Cruise to James Bond Island, known originally and locally as Ko Tapu or Nail Island, found fame through the 1974 Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun”. The signature of this spectacular island is a rocky pinnacle which is popular amongst Thailand’...

Activities - Education
12,000 ฿

Phuket Khaosok

: Khaosok, Phuket ID :: AEPH320 Contact
Phuket Khaosok has been called the most beautiful National Park in the world and this is no idle boast. From the earliest Chinese dynasties to the present, painters have portrayed on parchments, silk and palace walls the mythical images of the mist-shrouded karsts of Guilin in China's Guangxi province. The UNESCO World Herita...