Phuket Property Tour

Activities / Education, Phuket, Phuket

1,990 ฿

Phuket property Tour offer a great opportunity for High Net worth Individuals, investors, and group to mingle with other Real Wealth Network investors while meeting the wholesalers, rehabbers, developers and property managers.
You will learn about the best neighborhoods for both cash flow today and appreciation in the future. You will understand what’s driving Phuket property investment growth in the area, walk inside the properties, and eat some great food!

What these tour are about?
Our real estate investment tours are specially designed to help you to achieve your investment goals with the right property in the right location.

You will get advice on the multitude of lucrative investment opportunities that Phuket and Pattaya city offer for international investor.
It’s all about networking with like-minded individuals, meeting local business-people and getting straight-up, knowledgeable answers to the important questions investors ask and also as a few you probably haven’t thought to ask.
It’s also along the journey to discover some of the Phuket or Pattaya breath-taking sightseeing, cultural delights and culinary delicacies.

What these tour are not about?
Not about selling.
Not about pressuring you into buying anything.
Not about making you feel obligated, uncomfortable, and stressful.
We insist that you DON’T purchase anything on this trip, but spend the time to familiarize yourself with the local market – so that if and when you decide to purchase in the future, you’ll have the necessary information to make the best, most profitable and informed choices that suit your personal criteria and requirements.
We are offering cash or airfare refund on each of Phuket and Pattaya property and investment tour.

Property investment tour includes property & free investment services :
Property & Investment Services
• Development meeting criteria for foreign investors
• Reputable developer with proven track record
• Property sits in zone with high growth potential
• Exclusive property package
• Exclusive incentives
• Property management 7%10% guaranty
• Property Off plan - 30%
• legacy, heritage (kids/family/friends)
• Transfer your property title to your kids
• Education-international school
• Personalized. Real estate Property tour
• Multi-language staff- Thai-English-Chinese-Russian-French
• Thai bank account
• Financial services
• Foreigner financing
• Mortgage
• Immigration services
• Notarial services
• Translator services
• Lawyer services
• Promotes Thai culture-
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Adult Price
Daily Phuket property investment tour฿ 1,990 / Day