Upsite Down House

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150 ฿

The Upside Down House, is Phuket's latest tourist attraction and one of the Top 5 "must see" when visiting the island. Great quirky and goofy photo opportunities. Unforgettable memories all generations. The same location offer other attractions/activities
Baan Teelanka (The Upside Down House)
A-Maze-in-Phuket (The Garden Maze)
Chamber of Secrets "at"BaanTeelanka (exciting live room escape game).
Baan Teelanka is the first upside-down house in Thailand. It is 13m high and outstanding research and imagination has gone into making it very detailed. Leave all logic behind as you enter the house from its roof, passing through the attic to reach the second floor. You can visit all the rooms like in a standard house; the only difference is that you do so while walking on the ceiling!
See three bedrooms (including a children's bedroom), living room, kitchen, and bathroom, with all furnishings and decorations hanging from the floor. Even the fish swim upside-down in the two aquariums! Another flight of stairs takes you to the third floor: the garage and utility room. This third-storey also offers a great view onto the maze situated at the back of the house.

An upside-down house could not have a normal garden, so Baan Teelanka’s garden features a 1,000sqm labyrinth. A-Maze-in-Phuket can see its design modified by the presence of seven gates which, according to their positions, offer an astonishing range of different tracks.
On average, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to find the way out. Don’t worry: there’s no crocodile chasing you in Baan Teelanka’s maze!

Chamber of Secrets @BaanTeelanka
A real-life ‘room escape’ game, featuring two separate series of rooms: Jenny’s Love Coordination and Room Omega. The former can be played by up to four participants and completed within 40 minutes, while the latter can be played by up to six participants and completed within 60 minutes. The rules of a room escape game are simple: players are locked in a room and must find clues to help them to find the key or code required to open the door to the next room, then to outside. Chamber of Secrets @BaanTeelanka is really fun and challenging and requires the input of each participant to find the way out, as different types of assets – sense of observation, calculation, logic, and more – are necessary to succeed.

Age limit for Children Price : 10 Years.

Adult Price Child Price
The Garden Maze฿ 150 / Day฿ 100 / Day
Up Site Down House฿ 250 / Day฿ 150 / Day
Chamber of Secrets ฿ 490 / Day฿ 0 / Day