Phuket Simon Cabaret

Activities / Health Beauty, Patong, Phuket

700 ฿

Phuket Night Tour will leave you confuses as our performers is more of a man than you will ever be and even more of a woman too !
Our set designs are outstanding, costume extravagant and the performers glamorous !
In the exclusive , luxurious and intimate theatre with hi-tech sound and lighting equipment.
Opening in October 1991, Simon Cabaret is the leader of professional entertainment venue.
The show is truly international, modern and traditional acts from around the globe in English and alternative languages.

Cabaret Shows
Seating: Regular Seat or VIP Seat (Choice)
•Opening numbers
•Dream Girls
•Broadway style
•Duest sweet Korean & English
•Bu Check Tian
•Chinese song reviews in fronts of the throne in palace
•Bai La
•Dance song in front of curtain
•Tribal Breathe
•Spanish dance music wild style costume in the forest and waterfall
•Performing in front of curtain and joining with guests
•Korea (Aridang)
•Korea dancing with fan & drums
•Mei Hua
•Beautiful Chinese song playing in black light
•Tina Turner or other Solo
•Performing in front of curtain
•Sally Yeh in Concert
•Chinese song, compose of Kung fu, dancing with ribbon, fan and umbrella
•Ain’t no Moutain High
•Dance song performing in front of curtain
•African Queen
•English song in Egyptian style composes of 3 Queens perform in front of Faros
•(Solo) or (Comedy)
•Performing in front of curtain
•Back to Brazil
•Brazilian song dancing with modern scene
•Na Na Na Goodbye
•Closing song with all performers

Adult Price Child Price
Standard฿ 700 / Day฿ 600 / Day
VIP฿ 800 / Day฿ 500 / Day