Bangkok Tour In Helicopter

Activities / Shopping, Bangkok, Bangkok

87,500 ฿

Bangkok Tour in helicopter Established in December 2006 offer the only true “VIP”helicopter operator in Thailand.
From the moment our staff greet you till the mission is
completed, the aircraft is entirely yours! All details will be taken
care of and well co-ordinated to ensure a smooth journey not
only during the flight but also transition before and after the flight.
In-flight amenities such as soft drinks/mineral water, flight details
will be offered. Personal Assistant is also available upon request.
For international arrival into Suvarnbhumi Airport, we pick you up
right when you step out of your plane, taking you through Immigration, Custom, and luggage
handling, directly to our own lounge to board helicopter from our own helipad at our Operation
Center just 10 minutes away from the airport. There you can choose to fresh up, check your emails,
enjoy drinks and snacks or quickly get on board. The lounge is also available for domestic VIPs who
wish to board our helicopter from our Operation Center. For those who arrive at Don Muang Airport, we will usher you directly to our helicopter.

Safety is our ultimate concern. That is why we opted to buy BRAND NEW twin
engine and single engine helicopters that integrate Eurocopter's latest technologies and design. Not
only that our helicopters are flown by over-25-years experienced pilots, accumulated over 6,000 flight hours,but also they are maintained daily by highly professional Eurocopter's personnel in the facility specially set up incBangkok Thailand to ensure maximum maintenance quality of our helicopter. Whether it is business, holiday or simply casual ride, we are the only true VIP helicopter service all over Thailand, offers a specially tailored charter arrangement to best suit your desire with ultimate VIP treatment.

EC-135 and EC-130 are two of the most advanced technology
and design helicopters which Eurocopter is producing. Both offer
the highest level of safety in the industry and have unparalleled
safety records. Both are also equipped with the latest technology
and avionics available to ensure that our pilots will transport you
smoothly and safely to your destination.

Adult Price
Private helicopter in Bangkok by hour฿ 87,500 / Day