Phuket property investment - Pattaya real estate investment- Thailand investment tour

Phuket investment tour and Pattaya Real estate tour for successful investment in Thailand real estate.


Tourasian are passionate about helping people on their investment in Thailand Property. We cooperate with Experts who combine many years of experiences in Phuket and Pattaya real estate and in property investment in Thailand in general. Strong of this experiences we set up an dedicated tour around the country of smile to offer the most attractive listing of property available for investment in Thailand to ensure success and high return to our customers. You will understand that the location is an important factor when you invest in any real estate in Thailand .Pattaya or Phuket real estate tour allow visit of properties which specifically meet your requirements and budget accompanied by our experts in real estate investment . Whatever you are looking for relocation, retirement or investment we cover a large range of investment area such apartment, condo, house, Retirement home, hotels, plot of land, commercial property to round your understanding about location, and most important, understand the financial benefit to buy property in Thailand but not only....our support goes more far than your think... It’s also along the journey to discover some of the Phuket or Pattaya breath-taking sightseeing, cultural delights and culinary delicacies.
PATTAYA RETIREMENT HOMES: - Unique retirement homes in Pattaya for retired community all-year around based on innovative concept. You own your property which can be transferred to you family. Are you interested by Sport, heath care, health-related services, activities, social life, healthful food, living aid, financial assistance, and protected value? Pattaya Retirement properties is in a market place that reveals significant economic growth, business opportunities, tropical lifestyle, and great education options. Get retirement in Pattaya, and become the owner of your luxury houses/apartments with peace in mind to pass the ownership to your Young Ones or Grandchildren. Financing options are available. Call Tourasian nowadays!.


The demand for Phuket and Pattaya hotel market has increased rapidly in the past few years providing buyers the ability to get a quick return on their property investment. Understanding local market of resort and hotels for sale in Thailand enables us to give the best guidance to our clients. Investment in Thailand Hotels for sale market is a different industry where our experts community will create a customized hotel listing accessible within budget, and instructions prior visit and negotiations. Tourasian commercial strategies is developed to optimize our client’s relation and satisfaction. Thailand Property Investment consultancy group supplies a range of customers contacts in resort and Hotel business. Contact Tourasian investment department to get your personalized hotels availability lookup listing. It is free! Air fare refund are offer to individual and investors who buy property in Thailand.

<b>Phuket property investment - Pattaya real estate investment- Thailand investment tour </b> <b>Phuket property investment - Pattaya real estate investment- Thailand investment tour </b>



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Relocating to another country, state, or city involves considerably more than finding a villa in Pattaya or Phuket. By delivering personalized solutions, we carefully guide our customers and their loved ones with confidence into their new life in their house in Phuket, or Villas in Pattaya. Tourasian supports and advises give you the opportunity to get successful investment in Thailand real estate. The country offer the safe and very best return on real-estate investment ranked number one in all Asia. Call Tourasian now!! Tourasian is a leading specialist providing investment information and procedure in addition to services in different field like property take-over, inventory, coordination of resources, Immigration services, Visa, education visa, healthcare, College lookup, hospital guide, bank, etc... Call Tourasian now!!


  • Pattaya or Phuket investment
  • AIRFARE REFUND and services offer
  • FLY with Air Asia for free (under accessibility and conditions).
  • STAY in one of the property selected on Thailand investment tour for free.
  • SERVICE available: Accommodations, holiday rentals, daily activities, transport.
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    Thailand Investment - Phuket Investment - Pattaya Investment- .

    Purchase Price (THB) Refund Limit (THB)
    2,000,000 5,000
    3,000,000 6,000
    4,000,000 7,000
    5,000,000 8,000
    6 to 8,000,000 9,000
    8 to 10,000,000 10,000
    10 to 15,000,000 15,000
    15 to 20,000,000 20,000
    20 to 30,000,000 25,000
    30 to 40,000,000 30,000
    40 to 60,000,000 40,000
    Over 60,000,000 50,000
    • Purchaser agrees to use Tourasian as an exclusive agent to introduce property.
    • Refund payable when seller have received payment.
    • Cash refund based on property purchase price (see below).
    • Property purchase price must be THB 2M or over to qualify.
    • Property reservation deposit must be made during 15 days after the visit or offer is void.
    • Property Purchasers name must be as per flight ticket.
    • One airfare refund by property.

    Tourasian will accept no exceptions to these terms and conditions or any claims made subsequently after purchase. Any breach of these conditions will be considered a void claim.

    <p>Thailand Investment - Phuket Investment - Pattaya Investment-  .
    <p>Thailand Investment - Phuket Investment - Pattaya Investment-  .